Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dog Walker Bill's Very Fun Fun Run

Lindsay's Lure Run at Dog Walker Bill's Fun Run

About two weeks ago, I came home to find this note from the amazing Dog Walker Bill laying on my kitchen counter where Bill and I exchange daily notes.


I don't think I've shared much about how much we love Dog Walker Bill, so now is a good time to say that - we simply couldn't survive without him.
  Lindsay with Bill 
Bill (or when Bill isn't available his assistant Jan) stops by the house every single week day and takes Lindsay for a nice long walk.  He also feeds Fluffy if she needs more food and makes sure everyone has fresh water.  When I'm traveling, Bill is also our house sitter making sure the house looks lived in and that Fluffy gets some daily loving.  Bill is an absolutely integral part of our lives and we wouldn't know what to do without him.

In addition to simply taking care of everything we need on a daily basis, Bill often plans additional fun activities.  He and Lindsay play regularly - whether its the tennis ball, Frisbee, or lure. Lindsay loves them all - so a chance to get to see her actually chase the lure on an actual course was something I didn't want to miss.

We drove out to Carthage Downs yesterday afternoon.  Carthage Downs is a HUGE, completely fenced in field where they had a lure course set up.  A lure is basically a white plastic trash bag on a string mounted a few inches off of ground level that is set up to run all around that HUGE field.  Did I say the field was HUGE - the time it took for Bill and his friends to set all of this up for us to come out and run was huge - and it's one of those - you gotta love this do it kinds of things because Lindsay ran the entire circumference of that field in not much more than a minute.

Lindsay's Lure Run at Dog Walker Bill's Fun Run

We had a lot of fun watching the antics of little Clara - a pup with a great deal of energy and a serious aversion to leaving the field and meeting Ike.  Clara and Ike are two of Bill's other clients.  Most of all, we just enjoyed spending time with our friend Bill - and Lindsay got a ribbon!

Lindsay earned a ribbon!
Bill with Ike
Bill with Ike

Bill with Clara
Bill with Clara

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