Friday, September 30, 2011


Indianapolis Wine Festival

Some Friday nights, the sentiment TGIF doesn't seem to quite cut it.  This wouldn't have been one of those until about 3:00 today.  Then it quite certainly became one.  In the space of the five or six hours that followed, I fit in furniture shopping with my friend Chuck, a quick visit back downtown to the Indianapolis Wine Festival, and a drive back home.  (And, while it was a bad day, the wine in the glass was the last in the bottle - so - no - I didn't drink the whole bottle :-). 

The Wine Festival was a neat event - definitely one to go back to next year.  Would have been far more fun with a friend to sit and relax over a glass or two of wine (and let it all metabolize).  As it is, I only had 4 samplings - and a nice steak sandwich from Weber grill!

I had planned to do not much of anything over the weekend.  However, it's going to prove to be a busy weekend.  And although the weather has turned colder, I'm hoping to spend some time with my camera over the weekend.  While I was at Military Park today for the wine festival, I saw some great places to snap some pictures and since I'll be back in the area on Sunday I may just take the opportunity to do so.

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