Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sunset on a Rainy Day

Sunset on a Rainy Day

I have no problem taking a little poetic license with some song lyrics for a sky this gorgeous.  Lindsay wanted to go outside and play ball this evening (although - truth be told - Lindsay is ALWAYS up for playing ball).  As I got to the back door, I noticed the brilliant colors painting the sky and realized I had to get a photo.

While the sunsets in town will never compare with sunsets on the far, I still get a few good ones.  And with a little doctoring in Lightroom, this one actually captures the colors pretty well.  Seeing the fountain on with this sky made me remember why I fell in love with this house the moment I stepped into the back yard. 

I worked on my art project today, but I've got more to do on it before I share it - perhaps over the weekend.  I'm heading off to the Indy Wine Fest at some point over the weekend and then to volunteer at the StemTECH conference as it opens on Sunday.  My friend Chuck and I may also hit a furniture sale - all in all - my restful weekend is going to turn out to be pretty busy.  I hope you have a good Friday to start off your weekend.

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