Saturday, July 23, 2011

Comfort Food


I've been watching Food Network today while doing a bunch of email and phone calling related to our data center move. (Ugh!) On Food Network Star the contestants had to cook a dinner for Wolfgang Puck from whatever they had in their pantry. I decided to do the same thing - and went with my favorite item - Risotto. I was out of canned/pre-prepared broth, but I had some vegetable broth I had made a while back and frozen so I finally got that out. The risotto wasn't made with anything exceptional, but in the end it was absolutely yummy. Risotto is one of those things I feel incredibly comfortable making no matter what.


Lindsay had developed a hematoma in her right ear while she was at the farm last week. The vet was a bit concerned that she might end up developing more ear infections if we didn't fix it so she went in on Thursday for ear surgery and, while she was under, had her teeth cleaned. She's recovering very well, but her right ear may never look quite the same. We go back in about 2 weeks to have her sutures removed. At the moment she seems far more bothered by the spots on her leg where they shaved her to put in the IVs, but we'll see how that goes after a week or so.

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