Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And we're back...again...and I'm still not at home

"The Slow Hunch" with Steven Johnson

So...I disappeared again.  A lot of stuff has been going on, most of it I didn't feel up to writing about or sharing.  As I told my sister Susie when she asked why no blog updates in a while, I try to keep the blog about all the great things going on in my life and for a few weeks there I was having a bit of a hard time finding all those great things.  I had also put my camera down for a few weeks, not able to find the perspective I needed to be able to shoot anything I felt was even remotely good.  Then I remember...if I don't shoot I can't take anything good.  So, I've picked up the camera again and started shooting...deciding not to care much whether it's good or not and taking pictures for the reason I take pictures which is to capture a memory.

As the title alludes to, I'm not at home again.  Part of the problem of the last few weeks was a travel schedule that had me out of town every few days.  This is, I think, my last trip requiring an airplane flight for a few months.  I think the last time I said that was last December.  I'm in Las Vegas for Blackboard World (or BbWorld for short).  The Connections Summit which is sort of a conference within a conference started yesterday and BbWorld opened tonight with the keynote by Steven Johnson (pictured above during his talk).  Steven wrote "Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation" as well as "Everything Bad is Good for You" and "The Invention of Air".  A great public speaker, and, as I dig into the book which I actually took the time to get autographed, a great writer...Johnson was one of the more interesting keynotes I've heard in a while.  

We're in Vegas the rest of the week and hopefully I'll actually escape the hotel for at least a little while to get outside and get some fresh air.  It's actually cooler here at the moment than it is in Indiana which is bizarre.  This is a great conference but such a busy one.  Today was, by far, my busiest day, but the next couple are also pretty frenzied so hopefully I can find a few minutes to sneak away and relax just a bit one evening.

In other news since I last shared with you, I have a new car.  My former car, a Pontiac Torrent I very lovingly referred to by the name Kate, developed an electrical issue of sorts.  The whole transition process has been a bit difficult for me as I was quite attached to Kate.  I was so attached that I couldn't bring myself to name the new car - and was simply referring to her as "new Kate" which wouldn't do since each car has its own personality.  My friend Chris actually pointed out that if it's new Kate then given my love for NCIS that should make it Ziva.  (If you don't follow NCIS and haven't, like I have, since the day that show first aired as a part of the old JAG series, that will make no sense to you and for that I apologize - and say ... you really should watch NCIS.)  I'm still trying it on, but the new car - a Ford Escape Limited - may actually grow into that name.

I won't promise to post daily but it does feel good to get my camera back in my hand again.  I hope you are all well and I'll at least try to post more regularly and not disappear on you for a month again.

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  1. Yeah, I am glad you are back on line and that you have picked up the camera.


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