Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hump Day

String Theory 2: Lines

Wednesday holds so much promise for the weekend to come...but it is still just Wednesday - still two more days until the weekend. Fun surprise tonight from a friend asking to have dinner and drinks tomorrow night.  Another Zentangle challenge in the photo today. This one was another string theory challenge - straight lines as a string. I really liked this one. It was fun to work on.

Quinoa and Pork

Also grabbed another fuzzy picture of my dinner tonight. This was last night's grilled pork chopped up in thin slices/pieces and tossed with some diced tomatoes, mushrooms, quinoa and a little shallot and garlic. The pork was a bit overseasoned last night so adding it with all of this stuff let all the seasoning blend into a pretty decent dish.


  1. Lovely tangle, very dynamic angles and your shading it great! Dinner leftovers look mmm-yummy too! What a fun way to celebrate hump day.

  2. Please do not post food pictures near your Zentangle ones. I can barely concentrate on either, they both look so fabulous! lol

  3. Love the tile and your dinner looks great too!!! I love quinoa!!


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