Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good friends, good food, and good wine

Downtown Indianapolis

I got a text from my friend Cherry Kay last night asking when I'd be in the office again (we work at the same place). I've been traveling, she's been traveling, and this week I've been at one of our other locations in town on a consulting visit with one of our software vendors. So, all told, even though we have offices less than a hundred feet from each other it's been a month since we've seen each other. I'm gone again next week and then we've both got crazy schedules again for a couple of weeks. So, we decided to seize the moment and grab dinner tonight.

Wente Riesling

I live in the "burbs" while Cherry Kay lives in a condo near downtown. We enjoyed delicious Wente Riesling on the rooftop patio of her building (hence the view of downtown above and the water tower below) and caught up with each other.

Old Water Tower

After wine and conversation we walked to Yats - a local restaurant - and had dinner. The weather was lovely, the dinner and wine were both delicious and the conversation felt great. So nice to catch up.

Sparrows at Yats

I also had another Android Gals article posted today - "Turn Your Pictures into Art with Camera Effects". If you have a Droid phone and want a quick, simple camera app this is a pretty good one. I took these two shots with it this morning while I was working on the article. Pretty impressed with the nice little shots it took.

Big weekend again as both nephews Taylor and Andrew graduate from high school and, of course, I have to get ready to head out again. This trip is for fun though so that's a good thing! Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Kara,
    I love your roof top photos, the light and colors are so lovely. How cool that you and your friend could share some time together...we all need to do more of that. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind remarks on my blog!

  2. Love the roof top picture--it would make a fabulous HDR pic.


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