Sunday, June 19, 2011

And...we're back

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First of all, Happy Father's Day to one of the most wonderful father's a girl could ever ask for. The flower arrangement above is his latest creation. I didn't get to see him today, but did yesterday when I took mom back to their house after she stayed at my place while I was gone for a couple of days.

Second, sorry I've been gone so long. It was unintentional. I think, by accident I did miss a day of photo taking - and obviously I've missed several days of blogging. I was in Florida at Walt Disney World with best friend Gayle for a week of R & R last week (was that really less than 10 days ago that we were there - it seems like a lifetime already). We had a great time and I took loads of photos. A few of my favorites...

At the Lego Store - I bought two new CARS 2 lego sets - but I need more missiles for the two sets.
The Lego Bins

Waterfall at the Polynesian resort where we had dinner one evening
Waterfall at the Polynesian

Gayle at breakfast at Wolfgang Puck's
"Free" Belgian Waffle

Me and a Mickey Ice Cream Bar (okay - so G obviously took this one)
Mickey Ice Cream Bar!

Birds - I think I should have named this something stay on your side and I'll stay on mine

Pin man - isn't he adorable!
Pin Man

Black-eyed Susans - one of my very favorite flowers. I love that this one has a little imperfection in it
Black Eyed Susans - one of my favorites!

Another by Gayle...good panoramic shot of the Yacht Club
Yacht Club Panoramic

Awesome Colors in those wings!
Bird on an umbrella

We ended up flying home around or between a couple of storms. I wish I'd been able to capture the shots after dark with the lightning in the clouds - but some things you can't even capture in photos. Thought these clouds were great though.
Sailing in the Heavens

Arrived back home very, very early in the morning of the 11th (think 10th has just ended type of early). Slept at home for the night then headed over to mom and dad's for their alumni reception and banquet on Saturday morning. This is an annual event that's a family affair. My sister and I both help out with a lot of the parts of the event. It's also a nice chance for me to update my photos of the Community Center in the little town where I grew up which is also the old school building where I spent my first three academic years. They have started a little museum on the second floor and I love to photograph the place. The principal's office...

Williamsburg Museum

Sadly, when we left that evening my car decided it needed to go visit the doctor. I've been driving mom and dad's van (which I'm affectionately calling "The Beast") ever since. My car is now at her second repair shop and she's been towed twice (thank you AAA!). They think they might know what's wrong with her now and what part to replace. When I bought this car five years ago, I had the intention of keeping her for 10 or more years - hence why I bought the nicest I could afford at the time. Sadly, I think that plan may need to change as this seems to be a pretty devastating electrical problem and I don't believe you ever really fix those.

Thursday afternoon of this past week I flew to Texas with a group of four colleagues and an outside consultant for about twenty four hours to look at another college and their facility. I'm so jealous of the things other states have in their community colleges - we're still way behind. What I could do with the facilities and budget they have...oh my goodness! The group of us had dinner at a cool Tex/Mex place called Maximo's. It also happened to be gorgeous inside with some great artwork. This photo does no justice to this piece so you'll have to trust me when I say it was captivating.

Cool painting at Maximo's in Dallas Texas

While I was in Texas, my mom (Grandma to my furry kids) came to my place and stayed. I love it when she does this and so do the pets. They were all quite content with Grandma here!

Dippy in his favorite position...right beside grandma on the arm of the recliner

Fluffy...just being Fluffy

Lindsay...inside...outside...inside...outside...she had Grandma licked by the end of the week!

Today, I had to stay here and work on a big project for work that still isn't done (ugh!). However, it allowed me to get some of the first "in flight" pictures of my heron. Funny thing - it wasn't Lindsay's crazy barking that caused it to fly as we were a good 40 feet away. It was a tiny little dog owned by the guy three or four houses down that came outside and yipped once...bird flew away. Loved all of these...I want to feel that graceful some day!

I've missed you all - I hope you've had a good couple of weeks!



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  1. Welcome back, Kara! Love this post and all your photos, especially the flower arrangement in the boots and the heron photos. You captured some amazing reflections in those, too.

    Have a great week!


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