Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Underneath the Same Big Sky

Underneath the Same Big Sky

I am, and always have been, a bit of a sucker for a beautiful blue sky.  I have about as many photos taken of blue skies as I do of sunsets over water - another favorite theme.  Cloudy or cloudless - doesn't really bother me all that much.  I think the act of noticing the beauty of a sky has become a bit of an act of prayer for me.  It's a moment to pause and say thanks for this gorgeous world we live in.

We were putting our all into that enjoyment tonight - along with giving a tennis ball some love.  Lindsay and I played outside in the back yard for over an hour tonight.  Okay - in all truth - Lindsay played while I walked around, snapped pictures, threw the ball, and occasionally made her obey some sort of command to get rewarded with the ball.  She was incredibly well cared for these past weeks by, first, my aunt and uncle, and then my mom and dad.  However, the three weeks away have allowed us to slip a bit in the obedience category so there is some resistance going on to behaving and following commands now.  She's getting back into it pretty well though. I punched up some colors and really sharpened this...it seemed more accurate to how it felt outside tonight.  Do you ever edit photos that way - to make it "feel" more like it felt at the moment you took it?

Even Happier Face

We have bunnies that frequent our back yard area along with kitties, ducks, geese, and that elusive egret that never seems to want to have its photo taken.  Lindsay almost never pays any attention to the bunnies which I find odd.  However, one was hopping near the fence tonight and I got her to focus on it while I grabbed a few photos.  Odd thing...I never thought to take a photo of the bunny that was so close - what is wrong with me?

Not just another pretty face

More flowers blooming...thank goodness for perennials.  Might go grab a few herbs this weekend.  The herbs out of my mom's garden were yummy on my salad this past weekend.  Hate to though as I'll be gone again here shortly.

Wispy Purple Flowers

Did a little more art tonight...Diva's Zentangle Challenge...haven't done one in several weeks.  Nice to get this one knocked out on a Tuesday.

String Theory


  1. lovely tile! I like your variation of Floorz. Lindsay is such a beautiful Golden, thanks for sharing her picture!

  2. Nice tangle. Very clean and open I like it!


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