Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Two Minute Rule


My thoughts tonight have nothing to do with the photo, so I'll address the photo first and fast. I cooked tonight - first time in WEEKS (unless you count the salad I chopped everything up for on Saturday). It was good - felt nice to be back in my kitchen. Made me miss my mom and dad and stopping at their house for dinner and conversation every night on the way to my house when I lived at the farm - loved that! The photo is fuzzy - and it's the only one I actually took today - so - it's what we get.

The two minute rule (from the book Getting Things Done by David Allen - a long time favorite of mine) says that if it only takes two minutes to do, do it right then and there as it would take longer to write it on your list and come back to it later than it would to just do it at the moment.  I've found that rule helps me beat procrastination on little tasks I don't like doing (unloading the dishwasher, folding towels, etc.) as well as forced me to be more thoughtful on items that I should take more time with (don't hit reply immediately on that email - it will take you longer than two minutes to compose a courteous response - even if the sender was less than courteous to me).  However, of late, I've realized that getting back to things I don't reply to in the moment is often impossible and since my life seems to run on email at the moment, I'm trying to discover how to deal with that.  Any suggestions?  Personally - doing away with non-essential email and going to RSS feeds so I can choose what to read and when to read it (and the comments that go along with it) would be my favorite.  I can peruse all the essentials out of 600 blog posts in about 30 minutes.  Try doing that with email. Ugh!  Seriously...thoughts?

A good day today - we started a consulting project for one of our software products.  Some of the changes we should be able to make as a result will be wonderful.  Lindsay and I also played outside while I grilled the pork chops tonight.  She's been weird lately.  She was trying to "sneak" under the desk while I was working at home this morning.  Someone should find a way for me to get through to her that she's 86 pounds of pure Golden Retriever enthusiasm - sneaking isn't really her strong suit. 

I hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend and that Monday on a Tuesday (you know you hate those) was not too difficult.  Hope to have art to share tomorrow - that was what today's picture was supposed to be, but instead, too much work to do.

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