Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Am I ready for wine and canvas? wine...check

It's Friday!! Yeah!! And it's a HOLIDAY WEEKEND!! Bigger YEAH! Had another reservation at Wine and Canvas tonight - we were doing "Picnic in Paris". I got to Sahm's in downtown early enough tonight to enjoy my glass of wine and a little snack for dinner before I had to balance a paint brush amongst it all so that was nice. Love that even the napkins are getting into the theme of race weekend.

So...I finally remembered to snap a pic of the blank canvas before we started - proof that we start these things with a white canvas!

Am I ready for wine and canvas? canvas...check

This painting felt a little easier, plus I think since I'd just done one last weekend I wasn't as out of practice so I felt more confident. I was amazed at the number of people who really made their versions different - one woman did hers in all black and white and two of them did their versions with sunsets instead of the cloudy blue sky. I am pretty pleased with the final product. I think this one is going in the studio.

Picnic in Paris at Wine and Canvas

The team and I spent the day at a local conference center getting ready to roll out our big training program for some new software. We worked great together today - it was a lot of fun and although we didn't get everything done, we're well on our way. And we found out today that we are adding a new team member - we had extended an offer to someone on a position we've had open for a while and he has accepted so looking forward to getting to know him and having him join our group.

C4IT Staff Hard at Work

C4IT Staff Hard at Work

Blackboard 9.1 Training Coming Together

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