Wednesday, May 18, 2011


"Fun Stuff" at the Long Beach Depot for Creative Reuse

The word, and concept of, "exploring" is on my heart and mind today - so it's appropriate I did a little exploring today in Long Beach. A girl can only take so much time sitting in a stuffy, dark conference center before she has to get out and try to feel a little sun on her face (although for a place that gets something like 320 days of sunshine a year - I've got to say the weather has been a disappointment this week - although I did find some sun finally this afternoon).

I had picked up a map at the information desk in the hotel (nice hotel - but it's information area doesn't rate the term "concierge") and it featured the "Long Beach Depot for Creative Reuse" - sounded like my kind of place. Apparently in California - and perhaps in some other places - these types of shops are pretty common. I've certainly heard about the ones for home supplies sponsored by Habitat for Humanity (so wish we had one of those in Indy) - but I'd never heard of one for art/creativity supplies. It was a cute little place and the owner was incredibly friendly. She gifted me one of her LP record bowls which I'm going to proudly display on my desk! I'll take a photo once it's filled with some appropriate candy.

I also stopped into Lyon's art supply which was just around the corner from the depot (as well as berlin coffee house - yummy white chocolate latte). The art supply store was nice - would have probably bought some of the wonderful papers if I didn't have to try to figure out how to get them home without destroying them. All in all, I did my part to help the California economy a bit today.

I had hoped while I was on this trip that I'd get my Alaska trip posts up. However, realized last night when I sat down to finish my notes that I apparently didn't drop them in Dropbox so will wait until I get home and get those posted.

Doing a Zentangle class AND Wine and Canvas on Saturday!!! I've invited a bunch of friends to come to Wine and Canvas - don't know if anyone is but still looking very forward to the experience -  I hope some of you are joining me! Doing another one next Friday night if anyone wants to join us in Indy. Then picking Gayle up at the airport on Saturday. 

Will be glad to be home, have my dog, celebrate my niece Amanda's graduation from College (was this past weekend but party is this week) and NOT be in an airplane, hotel room, or living out of a suit case for a couple of weeks - yep - that's right - only a couple of weeks...but the next one is a quick girls getaway retreat that promises to be fun and photo worthy!

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  1. Very interesting place-- I always enjoy your travel commentary. Glad you will be home for a few days!


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