Monday, May 23, 2011

Busy Weekend

Congratulations Graduate!

I had known for a while this was going to be a busy weekend. It was a good one - but busy!

On Saturday, I was finally able to attend one of Lara William's Zentangle 101 classes. Even though I've gotten the books and been playing around with Zentangle for a while, I still thought taking a class would be beneficial and it definitely was. Lara is cool and I hope to take a couple of her more advanced classes in the future. The class did two tiles together:
Zentangle 101 Class Work - Tile 1

Zentangle 101 Class Work - Tile 2

That evening, I had booked wine and canvas again. We were doing a piece called Jazz Music. Class was fun - although now that I've done one by myself I know it is definitely more fun to do this with friends. I had to leave a bit early to go pick up Gayle from the airport so I need to finish the edges of the piece a bit more, but here is the painted "sketch" and the almost finished piece. This one had a lot more "measuring" and sketching at the beginning, but the detail work was kind of fun. The swirls of paint coming out of the instrument made all the difference on this one. It had looked terrible before I added those.

Art and Canvas - Jazz Music

Wine and Canvas

Gayle's flight got in a bit later than expected but it's good to know she is home safe and sound now from her big trip.

On Sunday, headed over to mom and dad's with at least two purposes - 1) go to Amanda's graduation party and 2) finally bring Lindsay home. I had told mom I would be over for lunch when we had talked the previous weekend, but she'd forgotten that so she and dad had lunch in town. I threw together a salad with what was available in their fridge - yum!

Chunky Salad

Amanda graduated from Purdue last weekend so she had a party for all the family this weekend at she and Steve's house. I'm so proud of this young lady. It was a fun time to get all the family together and meet some more of Steve's family before the kids get married in the fall. Amanda still has to work at Purdue some this summer but then is hoping to be working in Indianapolis come this fall. So, so proud of her! Took the opportunity to grab a few other pics while everyone was eating and chatting.

Amanda's little brother Aaron - a student at University of Northwestern Ohio - incredibly proud of this kid too!  Cool shoes!  They have bright yellow soles.

Johnny - Amanda's daddy and my big brother.  Nice hat!  Wonder who got that for him.

Aaron and Grandpa
Dad and Aaron - I had taken a couple of them "posed" but I ended up liking this one a bit better than those

Dad and Johnny
Dad and Johnny

As I write this, Lindsay is curled up at my feet so I think to say she's happy to be home might be a bit of an understatement. Hope everyone had a great weekend and you're looking forward to a great week.

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  1. Maybe a busy weekend, but very creative and filled with lots of family and Love! Love your family photos.


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