Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Day, Another Hotel Room


And...we're back. Or rather, I'm at least back blogging because I've once again stepped away from home. Tonight's photo is the ice bucket in my hotel room in Long Beach, CA. I like the design of it so decided to snap a pic. Plus, the room has one of the worst views I've ever had ... so I'm going to have to get out to grab a decent shot tomorrow.

I have lots of catching up to do - including an entire trip to Alaska!! For now, I'll catch up on the weekend. The Ivy Tech Scholarship Tea was this past Saturday. This is the sixth annual event - and it's always so much fun. My dad was a server for the first time this year.


Isn't he adorable!

The premise of the tea is simple. A hostess invites seven guests to a table. Each pays a fee to sit at the table (or the hostess buys the table). The hostess decorates the table any way she chooses and a lovely group of community leaders serves handmade treats. All the tables and the treats were incredible!

Tables for Tea

Daddy in his bow tie

tables for Tea

This was the fourth year my mom has been on the committee for the tea and has helped make some of those lovely treats. Isn't she lovely!


On the way home from the tea, I stopped in to check on Gayle's place and her kitties. Kealy was, as usual, not in the mood to have her photo taken. However, Riley posed for a few shots.


I have posted my Alaska pics but am still finishing some journaling from the trip. Hope to start posting all of that tomorrow or the next day.

I hope you all are well. Looking forward to reconnecting over the next few weeks.

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  1. Love the photos of your parents at the tea! It appears that you all enjoyed yourselves. Safe travels, my friend!


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