Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You know it's time to leave work when the fire alarm goes off


I was raised by a volunteer fire fighter. In first grade, when the fireman came to school to talk to the kids about being fire smart - it was my dad (how nervous was he when he called on me to ask where you should go if your house is on fire - lucky for him I got the answer right - that could have been embarrassing). My grandpa was a volunteer fire man as were both of my brothers.  Next year, my dad will celebrate his fiftieth year as a volunteer fire fighter. I offer this story (and a little pride in my dad!) because today as I was starting to pack up from work, the fire alarm went off in the office. Reminded me to appreciate those folks who serve and protect.  No real fire apparently as they were releasing people to go back in the building as I pulled out. 

Got home tonight and took loads of photos of my beautiful tree in bloom. This tree is really only pretty for about one week a year - and this year it's going to shine! There are loads more on Flickr.



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