Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's Blossoming?


I got an email from the folks at Reverb 10 with their April prompt of "What's Blossoming?" earlier this week. (They are doing one monthly prompt each month and then hopefully will be doing the full reverb daily prompt series again in December.) Today's photo made me think of the prompt. I love how this photo shows new life (the flower preparing to bloom) and life that just can't seem to take hold (my poor little tree that won't give up but also can't seem to get a foothold on blooming to its full potential - the split bark at its base is new this year - I'm guessing the winter of ice had some ill effects.

As I thought about this prompt, it wasn't just the photo that came to mind - but a focus on what is blossoming in my life right now:

I don't know why I never considered using scrapbook paper for a piece of origami but I've always had trouble with the paper crane when I've tried it before.  Between the tutorial I found and the larger paper that was "crisper" I was pretty happy with this.
  • Chaos seems to be blossoming in my work and home life.  My PC at home had what I can only describe as a heart attack today.  Pushing the power button actually does nothing at all after a reboot this morning.  Not sure how I'm going to deal with that.'s just work - what else can you say.
  • Travel remains a common theme.  I got cruise documents in the mail today for my upcoming Alaska cruise with my folks! the same day, booked a Pacific Coast cruise for sometime entirely too far in the future.  Yeah travel! 
  • Spring might actually be finally breaking free from the bonds of winter.   Took several more photos of the daffodils which were being beaten and battered by the ever present wind.  I still liked this shot.
What's blossoming for you?


    1. Hi Kara, I'm surfing the blogs posted on the Strathmore site - love your friendly style and great pics!! And my daughter's name is Kara, also! Not that many of you around LOL!

    2. What's blossoming? In my neighborhood everyone else's daffodils but mine have opened I'm having some daffodil envy here! Oh how I need to learn patience! Good luck with that chaos in your computer. Hope it gets well soon.


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