Thursday, April 21, 2011

Studio Time


Today was packed from beginning to end with meetings. We started with our staff meeting at 8, went straight into a consulting meeting, then into a marathon five-hour vendor meeting, and then into another meet up with the consulting team to be ready for tomorrow's day of meetings. It was a day with a few surprises and a comment by one of the vendor's presenters that just left me speechless. He said that what we need to do when we admit students to college is determine that they are prepared to learn how to think.

To think that people view my profession as having sunk all the way down to bringing in students who have spent, at a minimum, the first eighteen years of their life without ever learning how to think is disgusting to me. I don't believe it - but his statement went into the room and met so little resistance that I'm not sure if others in the room might have agreed with him. My parents taught me how to think, speak, and stand up for myself from the time I was a very, very young girl. I learned more from aunts, uncles, brothers, sister, and teachers about how to articulate my ideas, synthesize information, and make sense of the world. To think that I hadn't yet learned how to think by the time I graduated from high school would disgust me. And, I don't think times have changed that much. ... In the words of one of my instructional designers...anywho...on to more fun and enjoyable topics.

I went to the mailbox today - as I have since the Postcard Swap began - and found my tenth postcard awaiting me! So, in no particular order...the ten postcards I received (forgive the photo quality - I'm pretty tired tonight - just trust me when I say none of them are fuzzy in real life...each one is an incredible work of art that I love...

This one is constructed on what I would guess is a recycled envelope - truly cool!


I brought home two boxes of historical photos from my folks house...need to get them unboxed and do something cool like this card from Sweden with them...


This one from the English Riviera would be an instant favorite because of the stars, but I truly wish you could feel this card and see really close up how many layers are on it - love that the stars are stitched - gotta fire up that sewing machine someday.


The first card I received, cool paint blot from right here in the US.  Very pretty and was such a perfect reminder that spring was here as I got it very close to the first day of Spring.


Doesn't this just make you smile?


This beautiful card from New Zealand came in an envelope with a stamp of Prince William and Katherine on the outside. I went giddy at the stamp - you should have heard the exclamation at how pretty the card inside was. Love it!


So may cool layers and techniques on this card - it had to have taken forever to assemble all the different parts. came from just up the road in West Lafayette!


Love this cool photo turned into a card. The sender indicated this was shot in her "mini studio" - a plastic box turned on side with two spotlights - the product is amazing!


This card - from beautiful Canadian lake country - is getting me so excited for my upcoming vacation to Canada and Alaska! The poem begins..."If it's wild to your own heart, protect it. preserve it. love it. And fight for it, and dedicate yourself to it." The poem goes on and is absolutely beautiful.


And, last but certainly not least, (by the way - these are NOT posted in the order in which they were's random ... like my brain tonight), is this beautiful card with loads of layers, an awesome blue paint color, a beautiful quote and ... it's made on a piece of cardboard and arrived safely without an envelope! Love the courage and faith in our postal service :-)


All ten are gorgeous. The thing that impresses me about them is ... not only how different they are...but how cool the use of the different resources and techniques is. Especially love those that turned something into something else. I'm not a good "art-cycler" - these little treasures will inspire me to do better. Here are all 10 together in my star card holder - their home - at least for now.


Finally tonight...spent some time in the studio just drawing and doodling. Finally did another Diva Challenge - and of course this week's is Easter inspired. It was fun but who knew an egg would be so hard to draw.


Have a great Easter weekend. I'll be snapping shots all weekend, but not sure I'll post every day. Will definitely try but my Internet access is going to be a little intermittent all weekend. See you Monday if not before.


  1. The cards are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    Is it "I think therefore I am"?

  2. Wow, so much to see. Your cards are lovely what a treat to receive. I especially like the baby. Your egg has a very strong graphic, nice contrast.

  3. Nice egg! And the postcards are wonderful!

  4. Crikey that's a lot of meetings!! Thank you for your lovely message and the post showing your received postcards (including mine **grins**). I think we had many of the same artists. Having tentatively started to Zentangle you've inspired me to have a go at the Diva weekly challenge :D Have a lovely Easter weekend!

  5. How lovely ... glad you like the postcard and the postage stamp. When I was at the post office, the lady did tell me that our Royal wedding stamps had been release even before Britians, which surprised me :)

    Jacinta in New Zealand


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