Monday, April 4, 2011

Puddles and Paintbrushes


I think most of the middle half of the country was rampaged with more storms last night. It was gorgeous and warm here yesterday...cold, wet, and disgusting today. I've decided that just like we didn't have a fall last year (it went from 80 degrees to 40 degrees in the span of a day) we're not going to get much of a spring. It's going to go from 40 right back up to 80 in just the span of a couple of days I'm sure. At the moment I'd be okay if it would just get to 80, but I hate being cheated out of my Spring and Fall. They are the BEST parts of the year.

I haven't led with a photo of Lindsay in a while...thought I should tonight since I captured this great shot. She'd much rather be outside playing than inside playing Top Model for me...but that's the breaks when there are puddles in the yard.


My basket of paint brushes and watercolor pencils have permanently taken up residence downstairs again. They had been relegated upstairs to the studio, but I've been doodling and sketching pretty much every day again for the last couple of weeks. So this basket along with my travel water color kit and my Pentel Aquash Water Brush are now permanent residents downstairs because I'm normally doodling and painting in the evenings while I've got the TV on. [Quick commercial break: I put in links to tools more often just to point to a tool I like in case you're wondering what it is...however, I really, really recommend the Pentel Aquash Water Brush.  They are the coolest tool ever - if you've never painted and want to start pick up a cheap kid's watercolor set and one of these awesome brushes - you'll wonder why you haven't been painting for years.  I would imagine if you're a parent and your child likes watercolors this would also cut down on some of the mess (heck - it's why I use it for me because I used to spill my water cups everywhere).]

Two of my latest doodles...
springATC1.jpg paisleyflowerATC1.jpg
There is something about the one on the left (just realized the top of it got cut off in the scan) that I really like - I might even print it out as an 8 x 10 and frame it - not sure why I like it so much but I'm really pleased with that one.


Dippy has been a bit photographic of late and I'm snapping all I can of him as he's not always that fond of having his photo made. This one was especially cute because he was giving Lindsay that look (it wasn't for me this time) as she was dancing and singing around the living room (if you don't believe my dog can sing - well you're quite wrong - she's got the most horrible off pitch howly voice you've ever heard). She uses it to try to convince me she needs to go outside. I'm pretty sure Dippy was saying - "just put the blasted mutt out the door."  Dippy has had guaranteed cuddle time for the last three days as Gayle was here so no matter which of us he went to he could get someone to love him - he was back on the arm of "his" chair tonight as I sat in my chair. 

Glad Monday is bring on Tuesday!  Looking forward to spending time with my Sis tomorrow night.


  1. Such photogenic critters you have! I love the attitude on Dippy's face. And your drawings are beautiful!

  2. Hi Kara!
    I got one of your lovely postcards for the DIY postcard swap today. I loved it and wrote a post about it!

    Jeanette in Sweden


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