Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Open up and say ahhhh!


My sister Susie is here visiting tonight. Love the chance to get to spend an evening visiting with her. She had some dental work done yesterday and so is pretty tired still so we've just been hanging out and relaxing tonight. I joked as she started to sit down in the recliner that Dippy would snuggle with her and stay warm - I hadn't even gotten the statement out and Dippy was already on her lap and was heading up to give her a kiss - one of his newer desires is to get as close to your face as possible. Figured he was just trying to check out her dental work.  He finally gave up and decided to just hang on the arm of the chair - one of his usual favorite spots.  The only light on in the room was the dining room light behind him.  I took several shots before I got one that didn't make him seem to have a ghoulish glow around him.  Still so much to learn and get comfortable with on my camera.

Work has been chaotic of late - entirely too many things to do with not nearly enough time to do them right. Had a commonly recurring discussion with my friend Susan today about how the thing that is due on Friday won't get thought about until Thursday or perhaps even Friday (in that case it was how we were getting to Northern Indiana and on into Chicago for a conference this weekend - we'll be doing our annual adventure by train). I know it's like that everywhere in this economy but I just keep thinking that something has to give - and I hope it's not my sanity when whatever gives final gives :-)

One of my postcards made it to its new home today. Jeanette from the Netherlands posted about the three cards she got in the mail today - one of which was mine. (I love the title of her post!) I've still only received one, but have heard one more is on the way. Hoping every day when I come home and open the mailbox there is something special in there. Looking forward to seeing these cool art pieces - as well as some of the other recent swaps I've sent art in for - can't wait to start seeing all these pieces.

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  1. Very cool, I love the post card swap. Say hi to Susie.


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