Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lindsay's Hatred of ALL things Pretzel

Simple Supper

I have intended to go to the Binford Farmer's Market since just a couple of months after I moved to Indy. However, I had never made it until today. It wasn't terribly exciting this morning as there was very little produce - however loads of good baked goods as well as the yummy soup mix shown in the photo here. I also went to Trader Joe's for normal groceries and grabbed some yummy new Pretzel croissants. Funny thing is, when I was eating dinner and Lindsay was seated next to me to see if she'd get any I gave her a bite of the pretzel bread, not even thinking of how she dislikes normal pretzels (won't even sniff at them more than once if she realizes that's what I'm eating). She took the bread and ended up spitting it back out. Such a silly dog.

Also bought and installed my new computer today to replace the PC that died last week. Normally that would be photo worthy in my life but I've realized a new windows machine is just no longer noteworthy in my life. Hopefully now I can get back to work and getting things done at home.

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