Saturday, April 2, 2011

iPad2 and Artwork


Gayle and I have a longstanding tradition when traveling together (or preparing for a trip) of simply keeping track of who has spent what, making every effort to keep the tally even through the course of the trip, and coming out pretty close to even at the end. It has made it easier to not have to split checks at dinner, take care of one buying something they know the other will want if we're not in the same place, etc.  From time to time we've had to exchange a hundred dollars here and there - but generally speaking over the last ten or so years we've been doing this neither of us have ever gotten more than a couple of hundred dollars behind in the tally...until now. Gayle and I had planned to go to Alaska together on a Disney Cruise. She paid the deposit for the cruise. However, now she's headed on a different trip and I'm being accompanied by my parents on the cruise.

Therefore, I was well behind in the tally. G decided that rather than cash she wanted at least a portion of her due in technology. I've never bought a piece of technology I didn't even get the pleasure of unboxing (even if it was to set it up for someone else). She's enjoying it immensely though. We've spent a good part of the day today playing dueling Angry Birds Rio - and while she's explored her iPad2, I've done a little art.

20110403-iPad2andArt-53.jpg 20110403-iPad2andArt-53-2.jpg

And Dippy relaxed...


It's been a good Saturday all around. Hope you had a great day.

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