Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I love Easter (candy)

I love Easter (candy)

Okay - I love the Easter season in general. Springtime is beautiful. The spiritual significance of the season is incredible. Baby animals, flowers, trees budding out...all are such wonderful reminders of the most important things in life. And ... Easter candy is just awesome! I love almost all kinds of Easter candy ... jelly beans, just about anything you stuff in a plastic egg, and especially Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.  Okay - so really - I hate Peeps...although I do love the creative things people do with Peeps. So, since I am too tired tonight to even lift my Nikon, I grabbed my ever present Droid (and snapped this shot with the Vignette app) of the open bag of Reese's eggs sitting here beside me as I work more tonight (because the ten hours I put in at the office just wasn't enough today).

Vignette is a pretty cool Android app. I've been experimenting with all of it's special features and effects. The photo quality still seems wonky to me, but I've got lots more playing to do before I figure out all the bells, whistles, and best settings. I do suffer from iEnvy from time to time and the cool images created with on the iPhone are a continuous source of frustration for me - I just want that app on Android. Assuming this app firmly grounded in the iCulture is going to stay there - I will keep trying to find the best replacement for Droid.

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