Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting ready for D(elivery) Day

Course Release Week

My team coordinates the delivery of more than 100 online courses for our college's statewide library of online courses. Our delivery day (D-Day) for summer semester courses is this coming Monday. This week is one of our five to ten busiest of the year. I'm really proud of my team for pulling together and working hard to get all of these courses out by the delivery date - or that's our goal anyway. We're making some really good changes - the little details - in the releases this semester.  Things that people who don't work with these courses ever single day will never notice and never understand how important these little changes are to making sure we can tackle the bigger stuff in future releases because we're not having to deal with all this little stuff.  Things like making sure file names reflect versioning information so we're not sitting together and hand comparing which is the most recent version of a syllabus and new banner images that don't have to be updated every single time the publisher decides to change the cover art of the book.  Imagine having to deal with that for 113 different courses with more than 200 different course developers (some work in teams).  Oy vey!

I decided we needed a visual representation of what was done and what was yet to be done so Becky - our awesome Executive Secretary - made a color coded "tote board" out of post-its. That's what you see in the photo above.  We moved six or seven courses to the done column before we left today and our newest instructional designer sent email at the end of the day that will give us a GREAT start to the day tomorrow!

Otherwise, it was a rocky day - from the weather to the work. Storms rocked Indiana - and a lot of the midwest - all night last night and through the day today. We're under a Tornado Watch now that will last until 3 a.m.  We're in for more rain the rest of the week. Lots of muddy paw prints around the house yet again. And work was, well...work. I hate it when it's work and not fun. The best thing about my job is that - even when it does feel like work - I get the chance to do it with great people who I like a lot.  However, I'm more than ready for my upcoming vacation! I don't know about you - but Friday can't get here fast enough this week. Looking forward to seeing the family since it's Easter weekend!

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