Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy Conference Day


Today was one of those days at a conference that you look back on and you're just exhausted. Started early this morning and just returned to my room from dinner. The weather here in Chicago was balmy the two times I stepped outside to cross over to the other tower of the hotel complex for different sessions, but we've not had any of the storms predicted. I've not had a chance to turn on the weather yet to see if they went around us or if they just haven't arrived. I have the feeling serious storms on the 22nd floor of the hotel could be kind of cool (and a bit scary) to see.

Enjoyed a nice dinner with friends tonight at Stetson's - the steakhouse here in the Hyatt. This is our third year now of meeting up here as a group for dinner one night. Several of our folks are engaged in other activities in the evenings, but the staff is always accommodating as folks wander in to join us for drinks or dessert.  The food and service are always great. Also made my presentation today with one of our vendor partners. There were two friends in the audience who I've worked with in the past so it was great to catch up for a few minutes after the session.

More sessions and another big dinner tomorrow then it's back home on Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing Lindsay, Dippy, and Fluffy. Hope you had a great weekend.

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