Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome Spring


The first day of spring came in just like the first day of spring - warm and just a little bit humid.  Lindsay and I headed out into the back yard to play ball for quite a while.  It was pretty cloudy so the picture isn't all that bright but today was the first day the fountain was on so I thought that was significant enough to take a photo.  This fountain was one of the primary reasons I bought this house - after looking at something like 23 houses in one day, we walked into this house.  I think I heard the fountain from the front door (which you really can't do - or at least I don't notice it now).  I walked out the back door to see the pond and fountain and it actually seemed like there was an angelic glow around the fountain.  Have I mentioned I'm a water girl - I just need to be around water.  I love sitting on my back patio and listening to the fountain and watching the ducks.


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