Saturday, March 19, 2011

Two days, one post


I went over to the farm after work yesterday. My niece Ashley was planning to be home from school for the weekend and it worked out that all of the kids were home (although the two youngest boys ended up with other plans for the evening) so we had an unusual Friday night family dinner. (We're usually a Saturday or Sunday lunch kind of group.) I stayed at the farm over night and drove home around 10 this morning.

While I was at the farm, Sammy (mom and dad's golden retriever) and I played our favorite game together - it's our version of volleyball. He drops the ball on the floor on the other side of the gate between the kitchen and living room (even at age 2 Sammy has no idea you aren't supposed to chew up couch pillows - hence - the gate). I pick it up and throw it back over. I grabbed these two snaps while we were playing. Love the perspective.


When I got up this morning, I decided to go out and take a few pictures of the front of the barn. I've got loads of pictures of the side of the barn - especially since dad did the frames with all our names in them of all of us who have lived there. However, I realized while strolling through photos I have relatively few pictures of the front of the barn which is a bit of a landmark since it has our name on the roof. So, grabbed three different shots - I don't know which I like best - but I'll share the close up here.


Also played around with a few shots of the details on the barn. I tried several of them in different preset development settings in Lightroom - just to play around. Liked this one in plain Black and White the best.


And it finally feels like Spring - even to the birds - loads of color in these guys, although I shot it through the living room window so there is some glare and a bit of lack of clarity.


While mom and I were chatting and watching the birds she noticed something moving in the tree - realized it was one of their cats (cats who live in the barn - not house cats). I took his picture, but couldn't get him down. Hopefully he figured it out on his own. If not, fireman Frank (my dad) was going to be back shortly after I left so he would get the rescue done so I'm sure Kitty is safe and sound by now.


Hope you're having a great weekend.

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