Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just another night...


Not much going on here today. I have a day trip tomorrow so we're all gearing up for that (two visits from Dog Walker Bill tomorrow - everyone in my house just said "Oh Ya!"). I talked to Susie, Mom and Gayle on the phone tonight. I'm not much of a phone girl - never have been - so that tends to exhaust me. I do love it when my mom calls though - the ring tone on my phone for her just makes me giggle every time. I've got to remember to play it for her sometime.

Just a few random "family pics" tonight...

Yep ... more mud...
Yep - more mud!

Will the rain ever stop??

You will serve me!

I'm pretty sure when Dippy looks at me like this, I've been put under mind control.

More sketchbook fun...
Starry Night

Clearly, I need sleep. Hope your week is going well.

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