Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flickr has updated its Blog Posting Tool

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So, this wasn't the way I'd planned to title this post today, but I just logged in to Flickr to grab the code I normally copy and paste to put the photo at the top spot on the page and they've got a new Share button on top of photos. So, thought I'd give it a try - can't wait to see what the result looks like.

I guess that's an appropriate way to start today's post because I had this odd encounter with visual cues today (and that button I've been pushing in Flickr every day for almost three full months now threw me for another loop). Are there certain visual cues you watch for that just signal to you that you're in the right place? Ever had one of those cues be off before? They've been painting the first floor hallway in our building this week and today they painted the doors directly opposite the elevator door. When I was leaving the building tonight, the elevator stopped at the first floor and the door opened and I nearly didn't get off because my visual cue for the first floor which were ugly gray doors were now deep, dark green. I momentarily had no idea if I was in the right place. As someone who is directionally challenged I do too much direction off of visual cues but it was especially jarring to me today with that experience with the elevator. They just shouldn't change things like that on a person.

This is a rambling post - my apologies for that - it's been that kind of week. I took Dippy's picture tonight because he was playing tonight (obviously not when I took the picture). He used to be extremely playful - running around the house calling all his fuzzy mousies to play. However, since the diabetes struck, his moments of big energy are few and far between. Tonight must have been a good night because he was quite playful this evening.

I hope the week is being kind to you.

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