Saturday, March 26, 2011

10:30 p.m. and no photo...

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I did go to Evansville today - but the SNOW (ugh!) made me decide not to go to French Lick Winery on the way home - just headed back up 41 through Terre Haute like normal. Got home and Google chatted with my sister Susie, while talking on the phone with best friend Gayle - all the while trying to make up for the 12 hours Lindsay and the kitties had been home alone. The super awesome Dog Walker Bill checked in on everyone twice so no pet neglect charges need to be filed - but it's nice to know that even though they love Dog Walker Bill that they miss me when I'm gone.

Anyway, my planned photos at the winery got nixed due to the change of route and I just wanted to get home so didn't stop to take a photo of the giant peach or the weird and creepy giant Santa or the kind of cool Giant elephants I noticed at a nursery just north of Evansville. What is it with Southern Indiana and statues of giant things? So, as Gayle and I were wrapping up the phone call I was itching to figure out what to take a photo of - and wasn't really in the mood to get out the Nikon. I had her on speakerphone on the Android anyway so just started playing with Vignette Camera App on my phone and snapping some fun toy camera and polaroid pics of my Project Life and some random art laying around downstairs. None of them great but they are photos and they express where I am tonight pretty well - just too tired to get the big camera out and compose a decent image. So, instead you get geeking around with the piece of technology I had in my hand at the moment.

My Saturday was filled with a fun presentation to a bunch of Wimba Boot Campers at the Adjunct Faculty Conference (you all rocked!! - so fun to meet all of you) and about eight hours in the car. I consumed entirely too much caffeine so I'll definitely be reading another chapter of The Negotiator tonight - one of my all time favorite books - I've read it at least four or five times...AND... since I've picked it up, I now of course will have to read the entire series from beginning to end again.

Hope you had a great Saturday. Should have a wrap up of my cool art project from yesterday on here tomorrow if the world goes as planned. Good night!

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