Sunday, February 27, 2011

Susie's Tour Service


My sister Susie lasted all of about six hours before she needed a car today. Susie's capable of packing more activities into one day than just about anyone I know. She has planned family trips to Italy and London as well as all sorts of places in the US. She's been to San Diego before and when we woke up this morning she was more than ready to take us out for a day on the town.

We first headed up to Torrey Pines State Park where we got to see beautiful ocean views and nice nature trails.


Next, we went to the Pacific and Ocean Beach areas where we had a delicious lunch and then saw this cool wharf with little cottages on it.


We then headed to Pt. Loma and Cabrillo National Monument. Along with the gorgeous views we saw this cute little guy...

DSC_3987 well as this strangely talented young man...


There were also more beautiful views both of the ocean...


...and the cool light house.


Finally, we headed over to the beach near the Hotel del Coronado which was built in the late 1800s. Susie, my coworker Lisa, and I walked along the beach (and I got to stick my toes in the water here too so that's my goal - all three bodies of water surrounding the US in the same month!) Took several pictures of ocean and hotel - very beautiful.


We headed a few more places but I didn't get as many pictures from those. It was a great day - lots of fun and great memories.

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