Sunday, February 6, 2011

Self Portraits


I decided to play around a bit with the tripod, wireless remote, and self portraits. I have an extra bedroom in my house that I call my "studio" (which is intriguing at the moment since my dining room table is covered in art supplies rather than the table in the studio). There is great light in that room all afternoon so it made a natural place to shoot.  I also have a great chaise in there that I don't use nearly enough.


I don't enjoy being on the receiving end of the camera. However, it was a fun exercise to play with light and setting the camera. Even did a wardrobe change and took a few more.


The initial goal when I set up the shoot was to make this mood magnet. I didn't feel like making up all those faces but I did make one.


May you have a great week. It's going to be yet another cold one.  I'm very excited that Alisa Burke's sketchbook delight class begins tomorrow.  Also just checked out a great drawing book called Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists at the library today.  The exercises look fun which is far different from the exercises in most drawing books in my opinion.  Looking forward to practicing this area of my art for a few weeks and trying to get in a regular habit of sketching and doodling. 

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