Monday, February 21, 2011

Muddy Mutt


Lindsay is a beautiful dog.  She's got the most beautiful blond hair and gorgeous brown soulful eyes.  She's also got a pretty great smile. 

However, at the moment, she looks like Pig Pen's best buddy.  There is nothing we can do about it.  Four old towels have given up their last threads trying to get her clean after her many romps in the mud.  But, to no avail, because here she is still coated in a layer of icky sludge.  It doesn't matter.  I still love her no matter how yucky she is - and at this point - all I can do about it is laugh. As you can tell - she doesn't really care either.  I've told her the mud is good for her skin - and I do think that once it comes off her fur it actually does make her fur softer.  The silly girl can't help herself - she LOVES to play outside.


I took this tonight as I was walking up the stairs to head to the bedroom and asked her if she was ready to go to bed.  She bounded up the stairs ahead of me as she always does, but as I looked up to see her standing there I just couldn't help but laugh.  I immediately realized these had to be my photos of the day.  With more rain in the forecast over the next few days, I have the feeling many, many more towels are going to lose their lives.  Guess that means our living room will continue to look like a muddy militia marched through it for a few more days too.  Glad that my carpet is the color of mud anyway.  Doesn't matter - still wouldn't trade her for the world. 

Hope your Monday wasn't too - well - Monday.


  1. what a happy muddy dog! I occasionally have a happy muddy cat, although the 5 inches of snow and freezing rain we received today has kept him inside. Lindsay is adorable. <3

  2. I finally figured out why I was not able to get your postings--now I can see on a regular basis what is going on. My Heather has also given up on her dirty boys but from a grandmother's perspective (one that doesn't have to deal with the dirt) they are still so wonderful. Dirty dog pictures are great!

  3. Deb - this weather pattern was especially weird - it seemed to wrap around Central Indiana - we got nothing here in Indy while at least three sides of Marion County were getting ice and snow - so odd. Glad you're safe! My cats wouldn't go anywhere near a door to go outside - they are absolute indoor kitties.

  4. Diana - I would imagine in Heather's part of the country rainy weather and mud is an ongoing problem. Just nothing you can do about it.


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