Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm always glad when Monday is over


Poor Monday.  It gets such a bad wrap.  It just happens to fall after the weekend and so no one likes it very much.  Nothing particularly good or bad happened today - it's just that it's a Monday and I'm glad it's over.

I did get my blood work results back in the mail from the doctor's office (now that I've finally shoveled enough of a path and laid down enough sand to get to the mailbox relatively safely).  Blood is such a funny thing - it runs through our bodies and we tend to never think of it - except of course when we've got a cut.  Yet it tells our doctors so much about us.  Mine told my doctor that my cholesterol is up - have any favorite tips for lowering your cholesterol?  Good recipes?

I worked on the first assignment from sketchbook delight tonight - hence the photo.  I'm impressed by the amount of content in the course.  I'm still not through all of Lesson 1.  Hope you're off to a good start this week.  I have a wonderful, wonderful weekend to look forward to and will have lots of wonderful pictures to share (or at least that's the hope). 

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