Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If looks could kill


I am but an observer in my home from time to time - and this shot captured one of those moments. Something - and I'm still not sure what - started between the two cats that had them playing pretty aggressively. Lindsay, either not wanting to be left out, or fearing one of her kitty friends was being hurt (given all the meowing and howling going on) attempted to make a foray into the battle. Big, big mistake on her part. Fluffy took a defensive position, launched a sneak attack and let out two or three big hisses and three strikes with her paw. They were directed at Lindsay's back and hips so no damage was done, but Lindsay slunk away with her tail between her legs. It's very funny to me how my 80-ish pound dog can be brought to a stand still by this little 13 pound power house of pure attitude.

We did finally make a quick venture into the great outdoors today. Lindsay would have been happy to stay there - I would have been happy if just standing up didn't require so much concentration - it's so slick. She seems completely un-phased by the whole thing. Much of the ice on plants, trees, is melted but I did manage to get a few shots of ice on plants and things. The ice may NEVER melt off my driveway and sidewalk. Hope everyone is staying safe.




I just loved this face Lindsay made while we were "playing" outside.


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