Thursday, February 3, 2011

A funny thing (almost) happened on the way to the mailbox


Had to go back to work today. I must say that the folks who drive the snow plows, salt trucks, and all the other equipment that it is taking to cut through the world-turned-skating-rink deserve commendations, medals, and pay raises. Sadly, the best I can give them is a world of thanks. After making the short trek out of my neighborhood (which isn't in great shape) streets were clear and the commute was easy. Sidewalks and parking lots at the office were even completely clear.

Although the day was cold (I think the thermometer in my car is broken as it was registering 26 degrees on the way home - had to have been the sun reflecting off of something - no way it was 26), the sun this evening was GORGEOUS!!! I wanted to grab some shots but instead I decided to try to get the mail first. Big mistake. I got out to the mailbox and decided not to try to go at it from the street side but rather to go from the sidewalk side and reach around. I got to the mailbox just fine but getting back onto the sidewalk (or frozen patch of ground that I think is my sidewalk and seemed a bit more snow covered so I could get traction) after I'd gotten onto the slightly frozen mound next to my mailbox turned out to be a little treacherous. No fall, but it was very, very close. I think the mail may stay in the box until some of this thaws.  If the neighbors were watching me stand there and try to figure out how I was going to get back to the house they had a good laugh.

Thought I'd also share a photo of the pond - I think if I ice skated I'd actually trust it to be thick enough to skate on at this point - and of course I could just start in the yard and keep on going since the yard is a solid sheet of ice as well. Lindsay has finally adjusted her running so that when she slides into the fence she hits her shoulder rather than going face first. Poor pup!


Before I close up the post today, I wanted to share a few lines from a poem of sorts from Create as Folk.  My word for 2011 is "Create" and the entire poem hit me perfectly today - but these lines were the most important to me.

Creativity needs a make-over.
Knitting a potholder is a valid creative act.
So is developing the Theory of Relativity.
Creativity is about solutions and connections and seeing the edge of things.
It’s about fulfillment.
It’s about thriving.

There is much more to the poem - you should read the whole thing.
Until tomorrow...have a great Friday!

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