Friday, January 14, 2011

Yummy end to the week


I don't remember how the "recipe" for stuff (yes - that's what we call the dish) came about.  I'm guessing it had something to do with not having chicken to make quesadillas one night - but stuff has become a standard meal in my recipe repertoire.   Stuff is nothing but a pound of ground beef, browned; mixed with a prepared package of Lipton Fiesta Sides Spanish rice and about a cup of taco or mexican blend cheese mixed together.  (Want to know if you have enough cheese - our original measure was if it looked like it was the texture of spackle it was perfect.) Serve it with Tortilla chips.  I eat it as a "dip" for the chips so I don't even need a fork. ... Yum!  Best part, it's even better as a leftover.

I'm posting early tonight because the rest of my evening will be spent geeking out with my computer which has needed some TLC for a while.  I thought it best to post before I started yelling at the computer and got into a less than pleasant mood - should it decide not to cooperate.  Will most likely finally install the new router tonight as well which may mean nothing connects to the Internet for a while until I've gotten the whole house back up and running again.

Just a quiet weekend planned so looking forward to rest and relaxation.

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