Monday, January 10, 2011

Warming Up on a Cold Day

Warm end to a cold night

It's just cold. It's been gloves-scarf-ear muffs cold for many, many days now. I decided I needed a little fire to warm me up tonight - plus I love trying to photograph candlelight and fire.  I think to this day my mom is still amazed that I'll actually light a match on my own.  When I was a kid  - I was either three or four at the time - I was playing with a church bulletin and a candle.  I caught the church bulletin on fire and freaked out.  I ran into the kitchen to my dad (the town fire chief at the time) who immediately started blowing on it to put it out - which of course just blew ashes everywhere as the paper burned away and got nearer and nearer to his fingers.  Finally, I think my brother came to the rescue and got up and carried it to the sink and streamed water onto the bulletin until the fire was out.  I thought of that moment yesterday while I watched the tiny little guy at church light the candles on the altar and then put them out after the service.  It was cute how the pastor moved with him - right behind him - just in case there was a problem.  You could tell that little guy felt like big stuff doing such an important job.  He probably had no idea that half of us were trying to sing the closing hymn while holding our breath hoping he didn't knock a candle over. 

After my short-lived bout as an arsonist-wannabe, I wouldn't go anywhere near a match or a candle for years - until as a high school junior I had to light the candle at the Honor Society induction in the center of the gym floor in the front of all the kids in my high school.  Needless to say - we went through a LOT of matches at home the week before until I actually felt comfortable lighting a match.  It's completely ridiculous now as I look back on it - but I was a kid and it scared me.  Amazing how those non-sensical fears we develop as kids impact our lives in little ways.

Anyway - at the end of a really cold day like this there is nothing better than turning the lights down low, lighting candles (wish I had a fireplace), and cuddling under a blanket.  The cats are curled up - one on my lap just past the computer and the other on the arm of the chair - and the dog has curled up on the floor right next to us.  A nice way to spend the evening.

We're going to get snow tonight - at the absolute worst possible time for the morning commute.  And it's just going to be enough snow to be an absolute annoyance for the commute, but not nearly enough to shut anything down - at least not anything that lets me stay home in my pajamas tomorrow.

As first days of class go today was a really good one.  We only had two issues and both were relatively minor and I think as of now both are resolved.  I'm just finishing up some email and then checking in on my students tonight.  Peaceful end to the day.  Hope your day has at least ended peacefully as well.

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  1. Kara,
    Your story about lighting the match brings back memories! My dad was a volunteer fireman, and came home one day with all his rescue gear on so he could show me how he could help kids caught in a fire. Much to my dad's surprise this scared me out of my wits! I cried and had nightmares! No major damage done, but I think of that often.

    Candles on a cold winter day do brighten a home and warm the heart. Thanks for sharing your story.


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