Sunday, January 16, 2011

Relaxing Sunday


It's a three-day weekend as tomorrow we honor Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday and honor the amazing life he lead.  That meant that today went at a little slower pace.  Plus, as I realized tonight, I've been keeping up with things so well (laundry is done, dishes are in the dishwasher, etc.) that I didn't have huge amounts of work to do.  I've still got some updates to do on the class I'm teaching tonight, but that's only about 30 minutes of work as I did the harder stuff like reviewing homework, providing tutorial assistance, etc. earlier today. 

I chose to try candlelight as my subject tonight.  I tried several different ISO levels but in the end, went with the shot "the camera took" on Program mode.  I did end up using the "cloudy" white balance setting to get the color that I liked the best.  It's not exactly right, but it was the warmest color of any of the shots I took. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

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