Monday, January 17, 2011

The potential was lost...

My Project Life Kit

I had a lot planned today. None of it Earth shattering, but it would have been nice to get all those things done (and there is still time in the day so some will actually still get done). However, I had a bit of a migraine - and - well - Dippy was just enjoying hanging on my lap today.  So...not nearly everything on the list got done.

I spent a large part of the afternoon configuring the new router (finally!).  Problem though - it doesn't seem to work with my beloved Eye-Fi card.  The router is supposed to broadcast at the 2.4 Ghz band (as well a 5G) which is required by the Eye-Fi.  However, it may not be backwards compatible I'm now realizing.  Obviously I can still use the card, but I hate it when I've done all the research and then something still doesn't work.  Will keep at it though.  Transfers from the Tivo to the computer though are BLAZING fast...everything has a trade-off I guess. 

Today's photo...I added last week's photos to my Project Life book and set up the whole kit which was on my list for today so I guess that's good.  To the things that came in the box, I added a Staz On Black Ink Pad, my corner rounder and a 12 x 12 memorabilia pocket for things that don't fit into the pre-sized pockets.  I've also already been adding little things like movie tickets, lists, receipts, etc that helped to tell that day's story.  Still really happy I bought Project Life.  I haven't printed pictures - except for quick projects - in a couple of years since I'm not doing much paper scrapbooking anymore.  However, I really am enjoying already looking at the photos on the two layouts that are completed.  I'm sure by mid-year it will be very fun to look at every few days just to remember the year.  I'm also not following any rules which is making me very happy :-)

I hope everyone had a great day.

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