Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My red shoes

My red shoes!

I don't wear my red shoes that often, but today felt like a red shoe day.  I snapped today's photo when I went out to grab my lunch out of the back of my car since I forgot to take it in with me in the morning.  I also snapped the photo below on that short walk.  Our campus is right on the landing path for the Indianapolis International Airport.  I've seen the campus out the airplane window many times as I've flown in - it's always a good point of reference that lets me get familiar with where I am as we make the final approach into the airport.  Planes fly overhead all day every day and I've always wanted to grab a shot but never had the opportunity.

I got my Project Life kit from Amazon today - it's really cool!  I have opened it up and looked through all the parts and pieces today - I may try to do the first layout Friday evening after dinner with some friends.

Lindsay and I took another walk after I got home tonight and now we're playing ball.  A great way to spend an evening.

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