Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lunch as still life

Lunch as still life

I took a lot of photos today by comparison to most other days.  Only four or five got onto Flickr and I'm still not sure if two, three or four will make it on here - will just have to see how it goes.

Today was, as some days are, an odd day.  I have an office back in what my previous boss liked to call "the catacombs" - no window, very tiny, only bright overhead lights.  It's only a half step above a cubicle.  But, for some reason today I didn't feel social enough to venture out of my tiny space.  Perhaps it was because everyone found their way to my space today so I didn't need to get out and socialize.  And I've realized that if I see all my colleagues in the same's probably just a very odd day as making it back to my office is a show of the need to talk and the amount of stress they are under for various reasons.  It was nice to be able to help (or at least I hope I helped).

My lunch was the still life for my initial shoot today.  I picked up the strawberries at Kroger this weekend and thought they were gorgeous.  We do eat first with our eyes don't we.  Luckily, they tasted as good as they looked.  The grapes were pretty, but not as tasty as they looked - just not quite enough sweetness.  I didn't take a picture of the orange that was my snack - but did add another fruit sticker to my little planner (you'll find yourself saving those fruit stickers too - I know you will). My buddy Diana said this one was her favorite of the ones I posted to Flickr so that ended my personal debate over which one to use as my shot of the day.

More snow

The second shot for today was my CSI moment - tennis shoe print in the snow as I scraped the windows on my car.  We're predicted to get somewhere between 1 and a hundred inches overnight and into tomorrow (I think it's closer to six - but lately - who knows).  The snow was pellet-like and it stung as it blew in my face as I walked from my office to the car - and it was slippery. There was definitely more to it than just the pretty powdery stuff.  However, there was no snow at home just sixteen miles away when I arrived there.  And, even now very little on the ground as the dog made her fifth or sixth trip of the evening outside.  As my friend Gayle said tonight - just another one of these crappy snows that just messes everything up but doesn't do enough to give those of us in higher education a snow day.

I guess we're going to get to three pictures tonight just because - well - it's my blog and I want to remember this story later. If you take your religion completely seriously - you should stop here.  If you can take a small chuckle at some light irreverence then feel free to enjoy the last shot.  My Sunday School teacher from the class at the church back home sent an email earlier this week with a recipe for Gluten Free Peanut Butter cookies which the class had shared that Sunday.  The recipe listed them as A.K.A. Koinonia Communion Wafers.  (Koinonia is the name of the class he leads.) I shared back to him this photo of my communion enjoyed after dinner tonight - one of the cookies and a glass of milk which I "consecrated" with a reading from the Secret Gospel of Thomas which we read in class a while back. 

My team will enjoy the rest of the cookies tomorrow during our staff meeting - assuming we don't get too much snow.

Be safe tomorrow.

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