Friday, January 7, 2011

It was one of THOOOOOOOOSE days...


The day ended well - leisurely dinner with friends at Stir Crazy AND my replacement Christmas Gift for one that didn't quite work right from best friend Gayle was at my door when I got home - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new plastic paper plate holders. Thanks G!!!

However, the road to the end of the day was jagged, curvy, a little hilly, and slightly icy.  I'll just hit a few highlights.
  • After working for several hours last night, the computer is STILL on the fritz - which means no sleep last night and a trip to the Geek Squad at some time this weekend.  I don't think I can deal with it anymore - I might actually drop it out the second story.
  • My car (her name is Kate) has developed a new curse to add to her ever growing list.  The radio control buttons on the steering wheel decided to randomize their functions this morning.  It wasn't doing it this evening so not sure what that's all about.  She's under warranty for 6,000 more miles - but you know how this conversation goes with the service manager - it does it for me when I'm driving into the service bay but the second I pull her in and hand him the keys she works fine.  I NEVER thought the operating system the car's on board system runs on would have to be a factor in my decision as to whether or not I bought a car.  Guess if I replace her with a new one it will be.
  • We had a minor snafu which could have been major with one of our systems today.  Luckily someone reported some odd system behavior that allowed us to catch it before what was a minor issue today turned into a huge issue come Monday morning when classes start.
Chose the picture of the phone tonight just because it's capturing the time when I'm finally home and settling in for the evening and because it's a reminder of the funniest conversations I had today with a programmer friend who finally got an Android phone.  He asked me if I had one to which I told him I was on my second (my Droid was first - loved it but just went to the Motorola DROID X at Thanksgiving) and that it was about time he got on board.  He seemed surprised at my love of all things Droid - to which I responded, "Dude - I write for - what did you think I owned?" His response - which still makes me laugh - "That is so hot!"  The things geeks find funny...

I'm off to put my Project Life album together tonight - and then maybe take a sledge hammer to the computer.  Good night!

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