Thursday, January 6, 2011

I forgot how much Fluffy liked to have her picture taken...


I'm thankful for my Eye-Fi card tonight.   My main PC here at the house is still on the fritz, but because of the Eye-Fi card all the photos upload to Flickr so posting to the blog is still easy.  I really want an Eye-Fi Pro Card so that I can also upload RAW files wirelessly, but until I get the computer back in operation again, it doesn't really matter since I can't edit my RAW files with anything except LightRoom which is only on that PC.

I had forgotten from last year's attempt at a 365 project that Fluffy loves having her picture taken.  I pulled the camera out tonight and she immediately sat up in "her" chair and meowed at me until I came over and snapped some pictures (and of course petted her a bit). 

We got a bit of snow at the end of the day today.  Not enough to amount to much, but certainly enough to slow traffic down on the way home.  Just hanging out with the "kids" tonight since we didn't take a walk because of the snow.  Really looking forward to walking in the daylight over the weekend.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

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