Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dipstick decided it was all about him

Don't I look innocent?

Inspired by Deb's post about texture and Diana's picture featuring texture,  I was all set to take a series pictures featuring different textures tonight - which I most certainly did.  But then, just as I was winding down the photo shoot and making a little dinner ... Dippy made an entrance through his "secret window" into my kitchen (he's not allowed up here - and nearly broke my new photo frame getting down - but not before I snapped his picture).  Dipstick was diagnosed with diabetes in the middle of the year last year.  He gets some "free passes" on behavior as a result of his illness now sometimes.  Plus, as a mom, I'm a terrible disciplinarian.

Okay, back to the texture photos...

First, my brand new Warm Glow Snickerdoodle candle.  I've had it since my birthday (thank you Susie) but have been saving it.  I love these candles so much - especially in winter.  If you've never had a Warm Glow candle, they are manufactured in little 'ole Richmond, Indiana - my hometown.  They are a really nice quality candle - far better scent and much less expensive than Yankee in my humble opinion.  Back to why I try not to open one...once I open a new one, I burn it pretty much all the time that I'm home to keep this beautiful smell in my house.

Warm Glow Candle (texture)

Next up, my favorite lamp...I love it so much, I bought two of them - one in the living room and one in my bedroom.  This is the living room lamp.  It replaced my "Pixar" floor lamp a few weeks ago.

My favorite lamp (texture)

I grabbed one of my baskets - the tissue holder basket with the fabric covered lid - for my next shot. I chose this one because I got three different textures - the beautiful fabric on the lid, the tack holding it all together, and the beautiful unstained wood of this basket.

Tissue Basket and Lid (Texture)

When I bought this Kitchenaid Expandable Collander last Saturday I knew I'd take a picture of it soon, although I figured it would be while it was being used to make something delish. I've wanted one of these for a while but they are usually pretty pricey. However, I was walking through Costco last weekend and this little guy was $10 off. Well worth it! After taking part in the photo shoot, I did use it for making dinner. Love the textures though.

New Collander (Texture)

I've been saving this pretty green bottle since New Years (amazingly it only held sparkling grape juice). I want to make one of these bottles with Christmas lights inside (anyone have any experience with a diamond bit for a multi-tool?) so have the bottle sitting on the counter until I finally get all the sticker parts peeled off and the bottle thoroughly de-stickied.  Tonight though, I liked the texture of the screw-top lid.

Top of the bottle (texture)

Finally, I liked the texture of the towel next to the baskets as well as the smooth "anti-texture" of the old glass bowl in front of the baskets (although the baskets became victim to the depth of field in that shot).

More experiments with texture           Texture in Thirds

Hope you had a great day.  Anyone looking forward to the weekend as much as I am?

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  1. Kara,
    These are beautiful texture photos. The shot of the candle is really amazing, and it looks edible!

    As for Dipstick interrupting your session, I totally understand. Yeller (our cat) usually walks on my desk, right in front of the keyboard so I can't see the screen as I type. Gotta love those cats.



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