Monday, January 3, 2011

Deep Freeze


Deep Freeze seems to be the theme of the evening.  Not only is "cold" the theme for this week on the DPS weekly theme calendar, but it is also the theme of last night's episode of Iron Chef which I'm watching while I sit here and blog.  I decided to finally try out my Mickey popsicle molds tonight - I bought them during my birthday trip to Disney in October but hadn't used them yet.  I accidentally bought a box of Diet Barq's root beer which I was not really enjoying - but I decided if I froze it, it might taste better.  In case you ever need to know - one set of Mickey popsicle molds holds exactly one can of soda :-) 

Lindsay's vet appointment went well - and - the vet didn't charge us!!  She most likely broke her toe, but apparently all we can do is wait and watch and see how she heals and mends.  I felt a bit - I guess the best word is "tight" - after work so as soon as I got home tonight we took a brisk (in both temperature and speed) 15 minute walk around the neighborhood and she's still playing with her tennis ball as if she's completely fine.  The other good news from the visit - she'd lost 11 pounds!! 

I slept badly last night so planning to get to sleep a bit earlier than normal tonight and catch up on some of the missed sleep from last night. I posted to Twitter/Facebook today that I hoped the first Monday of 2011 was gentle  - I hope you found that this was true for you today.

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