Friday, January 21, 2011

Can you see it?


Observation skills are an interesting thing. They can lie dormant until they are used every day (seeking out a suitable subject for the photo of the day) at which time they click into overdrive. I guess seeing a cardinal sitting amongst the branches isn't a huge power of observation, but slowing down enough to snap the photo before a car came up behind me added some skill to it, so I'm going to revel in what was a fun moment.

Speaking of photographing while driving...

I love the architecture of this church. It is Second Presbyterean church here in Indianapolis. I don't travel by it all that often, but today I had to wander up that section of road and after seeing the sunlight hit the church, I had to turn around and go back. With a little help from Lightroom, three pictures I'm very happy with.

Second Presbyterean Church, Meridian Street, Indianapolis



And finally, since nearly every post this week has featured some yummy dish I couldn't leave you without one to wrap up the week.  Mom and my sister, Susie, were supposed to come over tonight and we were going  out for dinner.  Susie had a meeting scheduled here in town tomorrow and then Mom was going to spend the weekend with me until Dad came over on Sunday to complete the very long "Daddy-Do" list I have been saving up for him (he says he likes to have stuff to do when he visits so I'm happy to oblige).  Susie's meeting got canceled so now Mom isn't coming until Sunday.  Facing another meal at home I had to get creative but I whipped up a pretty decent chicken carbonara, loosely based on Rachel Ray's recipe in her Comfort Foods cookbook.  Carbonara is one of her main recipes though so I'm guessing you could google it.  I added mushrooms, chicken, and shallot and used some leftover chicken stock in addition to the white wine it called for - and added some basil which is always delicious.  Another yummy meal - and now Mom and Dad can enjoy it on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

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