Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baking and Teaching

Baking and Teaching

I love online classes.  They are flexible, they allow a lot of people who couldn't otherwise pursue an education to pursue an education, and ... they let me bake while I'm teaching.  (I do other stuff too but tonight at least it was baking.) 

My first office hours session of the new semester was tonight. I only had one student pop in and that was just to say hi but I used the time to bake thumb print cookies for the first time - definitely not the delicious treats I was hoping for.  There is a fabulous bakery in the town where I grew up and they make the absolute best thumbprint cookies.  Mine definitely leave a great deal to be desired.  I'll definitely have to give it another try sometime.

Baking Cookies
Cookies Baking in the Oven
Cookies...not so yum...
Cooling on the Rack

We got more snow today and tonight - although I do think it has finally stopped.  I should probably do something about all the snow piled up on the porch roof.  Instead, I'll hope the sun comes out tomorrow and melts it.  I hope it is warmer where you are.

Got snow?

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