Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An apple a day...

Afternoon Snack

There is so much on my mind tonight - I hope I turn these somewhat random thoughts into a moderately coherent posting.  So many things have brought a smile to my face and I just want to share those with you. 

I'll lead with the photo.  I'm not all the happy with the actual photo, but it does do what its job is - it captures a moment in time. I was stuck at my desk from 10 - 2 today (we did get a 30 minute break for lunch) in a web conference meeting.  Don't get me wrong - I'm not lamenting the fact I was at my desk for 3 1/2 hours - rather than sitting in a conference room.  I did work on some other things during parts of the meeting which held less relevance for me, although because I get called on for tech support during the meeting I do have to pay pretty close attention most of the time. (and...see...I told you I was out of sorts - I'm already off topic). 

Back to the apple - it was my snack for the afternoon.  Since we were just doing document work and weren't using web cams, I had the overhead lights in my office turned off and just had the two lamps on my desk turned on.  That, coupled with the light from my computer monitor (the glaring white in the background of the photo), produced some nice light and shadows on the apple that I wanted to try to capture.  Ever have a shot that looks just fabulous in the preview window right after you take it and then you get home and put it on the computer and go...what was I thinking?  That was this shot.  However, it gives me a reason to talk about one of the other things on my mind...

The shot clearly shows the sticker on the apple. The sticker is now in my little planner.  As are stickers from the orange I ate last week and an apple the week before.  Why do I put the stickers in my calendar you ask?  It's because of Keri Smith.  Keri Smith is a wonderfully creative soul who has written several wonderful books (here, here, here, and here - there are more - those are the ones that grace my shelves).  Her instructions with most of the books is to tear them up.  I have to say that I've never fully embraced her creative spirit, even though she is who...in many ways...I wanna be when I grow up.  A creative soul that engages so completely with the world around me that I find art and beauty in the simplest of items...including the stickers on my fruit.  I mention Keri today not only because I love her books and do try to wreck my journals from time to time, but also because she had a wonderful blog post over the weekend that just spoke to me.  And I have to say that I saw Deb's post about her airplane and as Keri said in her post - it turned up the corner of my mouth when I least expected it.

Until tomorrow when I promise to try to be a bit more coherent.

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  1. Love the apple, the light, the sticker...all of it! I'm glad my airplane brought a smile to your face.


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